Finally Found Balance

Amy has helped me find the perfect balance in my diet to build muscle while eating foods that feel good to my body. She has been an excellent resource for cooking meals that my kids and parents enjoy! Her passion for helping others is astounding!

– Samantha B.

10/10 Best Nutritionist out there!

As Professional Chef I would highly recommend Thrive Nutrition RDN. If your tired of ridiculous meal plans and bad diet advice or even counting Macros and you want to achieve your diet goals then Thrive Nutrition RDN is what you need! Amy is well versed and educated in nutrition and will help you achieve your goals and you will be able to eat all kinds of tasty foods with her nutrition counseling. She can even help you shop by showing you what you should be buying at the grocery store and she can help you shape up your pantry too. Lastly she can assist you by putting on a cooking class to help you achieve preparing the very tasty and healthy foods you will be cooking! 10/10 Best Nutritionist out there!

-Matthew P.

Weight Loss Without Giving Up Foods I Love

Amy has helped me to understand how eating mostly whole foods can help me with my personal health and weight loss goals, without giving up foods I love. I have been able to sustain a healthy weight loss and improved energy levels since working with Amy. She also provides assistance with meal ideas, and cooking courses which have encouraged me in prepping healthier meals and has made cooking fun! Amy is very knowledgeable in nutrition and has given me the tools I need to develop health eating habits, along with meal plans that are easy to incorporate into my daily busy schedule.

-Jessica P.

Amy and EatLove Have Given Me and My Family Our Time Back

I’ve been using EatLove via Thrive Nutrition RDN for the past two weeks and have loved the ease of the program. EatLove makes it very easy to eat healthy, incorporate more fruits and vegetables, and plan your meals for the week. The recipes are easy to follow and you can easily swap out meals you don’t like for ones you like. EatLove is great for helping to start your journey with healthier eating!


– Nikki W.

My Diabetes is FINALLY under MY control!

“I was totally in the dark as to what to eat and when to eat after being diagnosed with diabetes. My A1C was extremely high and I was addicted to sugar. Amy has totally changed my outlook on life in dealing with diabetes.

In just one month I have lost 5.2 pounds kicked my sugar addiction, improved my A1C and have learned what and when to eat. Plus she and I have done a cooking class together thanks to technology. If you want to get control of your health and life contact Amy. She is down to earth and passionate about helping her clients get healthy and live a normal life.


– Melissa F.